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Lada Yakubovich

Director of Communications

Lada is an internationally recognized PR Manager and Brand Architect. She structured creative solutions for leading IT and security organizations. Lada coordinates strategic communications and high-tech PR and Marketing campaigns in cyber safety and government IT sectors. She speaks two languages.

Valentin Saitarli

Managing Director & Partner

Valentin was involved in more than six companies as a co-founder. Valentin is able to structure creative solutions for efficient and complex marketing operations, starting from an idea to full-scale implementation. His extensive experience includes major companies such as Apple, Uber, Mega Industry, in which Valentin acquired advanced expertise in the development of corporate and marketing strategy. Valentin is fluent in four languages.

Zia Khaidarov

Head of Communication Eurasian Region

With over 13 years of expertise in international trading, shipping and marketing, Zia brings knowledge and understanding of a large scale projects, and related marketing strategies. He develops solutions for top tier global trading houses. Zia creates a bridge between Eurasian and European clients of EPR Solutions.

Jiai Zhang

Business Development CH

Jiai Zhang is originally from Beijing, China. She obtained a dual- degree from China and Purdue University for her undergraduate. Continuing her education, Jiai went to Cornell for her Master's degree in Food Science with an Applied Economic minor. Her life goal is to facilitate and improve communications oversees and help bridge the gap between countries in order to help achieve more sustainable businesses and a more sustainable world.

Victor Vaivodiss

Strategic & Managing Partner

Victor has over 15 years of experience in Public Relations, Consulting and B2B Marketing and is an expert in different up-sale methodologies. He believes that media coverage opens up new horizons for products and services. A combination of strong reputation and brand management may skyrocket almost every project to success, because people do not buy goods and services, they buy relations, stories and magic. Victor speaks three languages.

Maksim Bogomolov

Maksim Bogomolov

Marketing Director & Partner

As an innate leader and interpreter with more then 8 years of experience in International Business Development and Marketing, Max takes brand building to the next level. He coordinates media relations of international Financial Institutions, EPC and Trading Companies. Max speaks three languages. 

Kristina Birk

Creative Director

Kristina Birk an American actress, producer, and writer. After completing her bachelor's degree at the Academy of National Economy in 2009, Kristina studied Stanislavsky at The Neighborhood Playhouse, the original Meisner technique school in New York City. In 2013, Kristina joined Orphans Productions LLC based in NYC and LA, which led to her involvement with six original theatre and film projects produced by the group. Kristina is fluent in five languages.

Yuri Zimin

Public Speaker & Partner

Mr. Zimin is a Marketing Guru with more than 25 years of experience in public speaking, MLM, and crowd engagements. His expertise lies in the preparation of top-class leaders and C-level business executives. In our company, Yuri coaches and helps with the preparation of speakers who appear in front of audiences of over a thousand people. In addition, Mr. Zimin comfortably advocates and coaches audiences of over ten thousand people. He is fluent in three languages.

Edwina Alice Wong

Executive Assistant

Edwina Alice Wong is an adaptable global citizen with working experience in the legal, banking and education sectors. A First-Class International Relations graduate from King's College London and a current dual Master's International History student at Columbia University and the London School of Economics, she has balanced her studies with extracurricular activities, honing her marketing and consultancy skills through various student society commitments.

Jean Marie Coulbery

Strategic Partner

Mr. Jean Marie Coulbary has more than three decades of experience working with business and government. He is currently based in Washington, DC, where he gained a reputation as a specialist in using communications tools to foster effective relationships between African governments and the United States. During these years, he developed special relationships with heads of state and governments, captains of industry and non-governmental organizations. Mr. Coulbary has spent more than 25 years traveling throughout the world, meeting government officials, working with businesses and negotiating contracts. After his success in communications he join Exclusive PR Solutions as Strategic Partner.

Eileen Merwin

Writing Director

Award winning author, Eileen Merwin, is awaiting publication of her 20th children’s book, Nightmarish New York. Ironically, having researched and written nine spooky titles for Bearport Publishers Inc., she is also an accomplished ghost writer, having composed and edited successful ivy-league admissions essays, as well as bios, grants and press releases. Eileen earned her MFA in writing from Brooklyn College, and most recently won a Writer’s Digest prize for published article in 2016; first prize for regional fiction in Indie Book Award 2017 competition.  This year she has been placed on the Children’s Book Council List of authors whose titles were shared with 35,000 kids nationally and selected as their favorites.

Kalu-Kalu Ugwuomo Jr

Director of Business Development | Africa 

Kalu-Kalu Ugwuomo Jr.  has over 10 years of experience in the international business development with expertise on African markets. Currently Mr. Ugwuomo is the Director of Business Development at African Division of Exclusive PR Solutions. In the past,  Mr Ugwuomo was the co-founder / North American Director of Nexus Africa a global network of African social entrepreneurs. Kalu is a graduate of Howard University and The United States Institute for Peace in Washington DC. Kalu was a Senior Associate at the Bronfman Family Office. He speaks 4 languages: English, Spanish, French, Igbo 

Vicky Heldan

Branding Expert | Africa 

Vicky Heldan also known as Victory Ifeoma Njoku is a Branding expert for Exclusive PR Solutions with  business expertise in the African and international market. She offers her services by developing brands and reputation management for high profile clients in government, as well as key players of industries. Her aim is to showcase a great deal of the African content to the world by connecting business and government through effective Branding, PR and Communication.

Grace Alford-Hamburg

Social Media and Marketing Analyst

Prior to joining the Exclusive PR Solutions team, Grace worked as a social media manager and freelance writer. She graduated from Columbia University with a degree in Comparative Literature and Society. At Columbia, she conducted extensive research on political rhetoric, online discourse, and legal theory, culminating in her award-winning thesis on the deportation discourse and policies of Emmanuel Macron and Donald Trump. Grace speaks English and French.

Akerke Iskakova

Fashion Model | Influencer & Partner

Despite her young age,  Akerke Iskakova has dynamically developed her professional modeling career, having become the face of American and European glossy covers multiple times. The model’s exotic Eurasian appearance attracted the attention of the jury of the international Miss National Universe beauty content, where Akerke became a winner. The model graced the magazine covers of Top city, Surreal Mag, Faddy, Ellements, Gmaro, FHM Netherlands, #1MAG. Akerke’s hobbies are fencing and dancing. She studies Fashion TV and Modeling in the Modeling school of New York

Kirill Bezverhi

Global Media Director & Partner

With 10 years of experience in PR and business journalism, Kirill gained a reputation as a specialist in marketing communication, finance & blockchain media. He was a co-founder & CMO of various investment funds and Head of PR for one of the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchanges. As a PR expert, Kirill helped tens of businesses with communications and PR and launched the largest community of blockchain PR specialists in CIS region.


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