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Our team has launched a massive project for licensed cannabis growers from California – Golden Ark.


The EPRS team took on and implemented the responsible task of developing the Golden Ark Metaverse with integrated play-to-earn mechanics. Virtual space inhabitants have been given the opportunity to experience all the positive aspects of meta-commerce, virtual socialization, and other meta-fun!

Integrated development of the Golden Ark project, web 3.0. and more Metaverse, NFT, Marketplace, Mobile Game and Blockchain Development


Seed Horizons

Seed Horizons is a polygonal world of metagrowers, where each user has his own farming property on which he can grow virtual cannabis, and exchange it for in-game currency, for which users later have the opportunity to purchase real goods in virtual stores inside the location or exchange it for digital farming-assets

Our team took responsibility for the implementation of the game component of the location, the development of visual architecture, the implementation of the play-to-earn mechanic, and the utility token – in-game currency development.

Seeds Horizons.png

Golden Ark & Partners Stores

Our team can rightly call itself a meta-commerce pioneer. We are responsible for providing an opportunity for users of the metaverse to enjoy virtual shopping and exchange earned game currency for real goods!

We designed store pavilions and developed the mechanics of virtual shopping by linking the «marketplace aggregator» developed by us, to provide a full meta-commerce experience to users.

Viola 1.png
Viola 2.png

ARK City

A large metropolis, a city of skyscrapers within the metaverse. Our team took on the visual architecture and modeling of the city, the implementation of game mechanics, and gave the opportunity to users to enjoy the urban life of the meta-city.

ARK City 01.png
ARK City 02.png
ARK City 03.png

Space Skunk NFT

Also, our team was directly involved in the development of a special NFT collection Space Skunk. This NFT allows its owner to exchange it for a real product from the Golden Ark store at the nearest physical point, or use it in the virtual world of the Golden Ark Metaverse.

Space Skunk NFT.png


The EPRS team developed and adapted the Golden Ark Marketplace for the meta-commerce experience. The Marketplace implemented in the Stores of the Metaverse allows users to make purchases while in the virtual world and arrange delivery to a location convenient for them.


Skunktastic Voyage Mobile Game

In terms of the Mobile Game development, our team brings a memorable visual part of the project, such as character design, design of locations, and objects inside them. In terms of the game feeling, we have thought through the gameplay in detail, focusing on the cyclical nature of the game process and the involvement of the players in it.

Ultimately, our development team brought the visuals and gameplay to life, by integrating all of the mechanics at a high level. The game is available for download on Google Play and App Store platforms, enjoy.

Mobile games.png


The Golden Ark and EPRS team is actively looking for partners for cooperation and development in the sphere of the 420 industry. If you would like to join and become a partner, please contact us via

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