Coronavirus on the cover

The word that breaks all news chart in 2020 is naturally "coronavirus". Though the statistics show that the disease is less dangerous even compared to the flu: the mortality rate does not exceed 3.5%, the panic and swirling media environment have already affected every industry and people's routine. It is not surprising that every day we see numerous videos with empty shelves in supermarkets, people buying out the food, sanitary masks and medicines, canceling their trips, and stay away from public spaces. We believe newsmakers have a lot to do with it as well, that's why we have picked the most impressive magazine covers from all around the world, making coronavirus its main topic.

The Economist

February 2020

The New Yorker

March 2020


February 2020

Der Spiegel

January 2020


April 2020

The New York Times

December 2019

Global Biodefense

January 2020

New Scientist

March 2020

Money Week

March 2020

Le Figaro

March 2020

Asian Review

February 2020

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